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Some of the most important reasons for renting a vehicle from us

  • Excellent service and reasonable rates
  • 24/7 customer service and support
  • Booking can be done easily
  • Contact us available through each of these online chat, e-mail, WhatsApp and SMS,
  • There are many easy payment modes like Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm, Cash, Bank Transfer, etc.

We have all kinds of vehicles of our own but the number is limited. But we use the vehicles of our registered dealers to meet the needs of all customers. We assure you that each vehicle will meet your full expectations and service.

Driver contact number and vehicle number will be given one day before your travel date. In case of emergency or current booking, we will give you prompt details regarding vehicle number and driver contact.

You should book the vehicle once your travel date and plan is finalized. So that you can be sure of booking the vehicle of your choice and there will be no rush. Vehicles can also be booked on an urgency basis but the vehicle you need must be available first.

There are many payment options like bank transfer / digital wallets for your convenience. Or you can come to our office and deposit money

First of all, we send permanent residents and verified drivers in Pune city at your service. Our team will be available for 24/7 support for any kind of help. Nearly all of our vehicles are fitted with GPS trackers which should make female customers feel safe.

In such a situation we try to send another vehicle which will be available around the area and if not possible we can arrange another vehicle in due time if our trusted dealer is at the base.

Only Pune city permit is issued by RTO for tourist vehicles with a seating capacity of more than 9. According to the RTO rules, if you want to travel outside the city of Pune, you have to pay the appropriate RTO tax and get a temporary travel permit. It has to give the number of customers and their information. The amount of tax depends on the duration of the journey and the seating capacity of the vehicle.

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